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Wisevolution is a procurement education website that was created on the WordPress platform. Phase 1 was completed to give useful information to visitors. Other phases will introduce a shopping cart, e-commerce and more private member sections.

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All Seasons Bed and Breakfast

All Seasons Bed and Breakfast is a basic WordPress site, that not only offers basic information for the site but allows reservations to be made as well, this was a tight budget site so a basic free plugin takes care of the reservation process.

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Advance Products was a recent WordPress project which offers basic information and allows visitors to view their product line-up. They can also answer questions to narrow down the product list to their requirements.

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Milton Business Networking Professionals

Milton Business Networking Professionals is a closed networking group, the website is WordPress again and along with providing the typical information also has an events calendar visitors can reference.

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Web Development

Somethings to consider!
Content it's the location of real-estate in web-design

For now search engines are still limited to searching websites for text, so this is why flashy images or something like flash was nice to see but the search engines run on text so to them it was useless. This is why when you search for something, Wikipedia tends to be one of the first few links and a part of the reason flash isn't used anymore.

Obviously you still have to consider design but then there is so much more, like will you need a content management system (back-end). How do you secure the site? Besides just words, what can I do to optimize a website or get better search results?

This is where we come in and would be happy to answer some more questions for you…

  • Gives search engines and visitors something to do.

  • Gives the search engines what they want and how they want it.

  • Gives the clicker or passerby something to look at, maybe lure them into reading your content.

  • Unless you're trying to create an artistic site for some reason or a game, you're left trying to outperform the next guy with content, content, content. Can't stress it enough.

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