March 30, 2017

About Mr.Tutor-Tech

Who or What is Mr.Tutor-Tech?

Mr.Tutor-Tech Website Design Milton as a ChildTechnically Mr.Tutor-Tech is me, George and I guess this story goes back to Grade 4 over 30 years ago.  There I was a wild-eyed kid that decided to do a project on computers, nothing elaborate just Bristol board pictures and a speech on what they could do and where I thought they were going to go.  Got a good laugh from the class when I predicted such things as video on demand or even flat screen TVs. Pretty soon we’ll have one’s that can read our thoughts or communicate easily through speech, hope you’re not laughing you’d probably be making the same mistake they did.

Took a while before I could actually get my hands on a computer but then a friend of the family came along and gave me a computer, I guess I owe her a big Thanks now that I think about it.  It was a fairly weak computer but it wasn’t long before I started making cheesy games like hangman on it, of course with a little help from the good old library.

Playing with them definitely helped me once I reached high school where after learning how to type, I started mastering windows and other software.  That’s where tutoring actually started as well, finishing 3-day projects in less than one, left me with nothing to do.  I guess my teacher didn’t like that so I ended up helping/tutoring others in the class.   It didn’t stop there either since I found friends and their family asking me questions about computers and coming over to take a look or fix stuff.   Since then the comment “ask George” has come out of enough people’s mouths when computers/technology came into a conversation and now that I see it in quotes I probably should have named the business that as well.

The reason behind the name of the business initially was to also help others with computers. I had built a classroom where people could come to learn about them but unfortunately creating courses, writing out materials and keeping them up to date was not worth the time, compared to the number of students I was generating that is. You’ll find an area on this website (coming soon) that might have some useful information as I’ll be taking the courses I wrote out and putting them online for free.

As a web-developer, my company is fairly new and lacks a portfolio for the moment. There are a few WordPress sites listed currently in my portfolio and a few more in the works. Unfortunately, the back-end work I do is not visible to the public but only admins, so some work will not be visible on websites.

As for experience, I have quite a bit, I graduated in 2001 with honours in both programming and networking. Since then I’ve worked several years in the Website Design and have learned quite a bit and will continue to do so as technology and Website Design continues to evolve.

I was fortunate enough to work in a small company where I really got my hands dirty and had to deal with all aspects of web-design and hosting sites, so I’ve become well rounded. I will admit that I do lack artistic skills, so I’m better at manipulating photos or layouts than I am at coming up with something creative (drawn from scratch) but luckily there are a lot of graphic designers that can help in this department if you’re looking for something more artistic than I can offer.


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