2015 Review

What a year for technology!

Yes there were more than enough articles in the news regarding companies that got hacked or security flaws in the internet-of-things or other connected gadgets that blazed a trail of fire around the planet. On the bright side, this brought much needed attention to security and security conferences have more than doubled in the last few years. Manufacturers have started to take notice as well and are making much needed improvements to their products as well.

Advances in quantum technology not only have us teleporting particles across vast distances but the possibility of incredibly secure communications could be just around the corner using things like quantum entanglement or the quantum leap.

The advances in the quantum world don’t stop there, we’ve finally discovered the higgs boson and on the other side of the fence quantum computing is starting to make progress paving the way for the next generation of super computers, one’s that will be a million times faster than our fastest computer today. Sure these won’t make it into our home anytime soon, but organizations like Google, NASA, NOAH and others of the like are closer than ever to having a tool that will be able to project or perform complex calculations that may have taken years before, down to mere minutes. Coupled with advances in programming Artificial Intelligence, these computers could usher in a whole new understanding of not only the world around us but the universe itself. That’s if they don’t try to take over the planet instead, this possibility isn’t just science fiction anymore. Some of the smartest people on the planet like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have expressed their concerns in this matter and I for one am in the same boat.

On to more pleasant things, with our tech becoming faster and lighter, augmented and virtual reality for me have really taken off this year. Although I have yet to experience any of it in person the reviews and praise these products are receiving have left me with a feeling of waiting in line for a roller coaster ride. With 360 degree 3D cameras and the drones that they are creating today along with tech like the hololens, the excitement and anticipation just continue to grow.

One of the greatest advances in technology revolves around the medical field. We now have technology still in its early stage that can read our mind and thoughts along with showing us what we see. It’s paved the way for not only prosthetic limbs that we can control with our mind but ones that also let us interact with the environment around us by stimulating the sensations of touch itself. Even the possibilities of us being able to download everything we’ve experienced in our life to a computer are now becoming a reality as well.

For me the most exciting news is in space exploration, with our advances in technology. We are now looking at the possibility of colonizing other planets or moons. With our advances in robotics we no longer have to think about things like sending construction crews up there to build habitats for us. Instead it’ll more than likely be built by robots and other equipment like large 3D printers which are already building homes on our own planet. With privatization of space flights the possibility of anyone that can afford it and not just astronauts means almost anyone can pack their bags for such a trip.

There’s so much more that happened in 2015 in the world of technology, feel free to read about some of them in our other blogs. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

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