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As PC sales continue to plunge, many people seem to think that they have somehow become obsolete. Tablets are great and fun but they are nowhere near the workhorse that a computer or a laptop is, so it’s not a question of is one better than the other? It’s like saying do I need a bicycle or a car? Well if you work around the block a bike would do but if you have to travel for hours on a bike you’ll probably want or need a car…

Yes tablets or phones have cut into PC sales but PC’s have also slowed down because many old PC’s still run just fine so saving a few seconds throughout a day haven’t really been a good reason to rush out and buy a new one, unless you’re a heavy user and are in the video editing or the gaming sector.

The salvation for the PC’s is the hackers out there that are constantly improving their skills and finding new weaknesses such as the hardware found in older PC’s. So even though that old PC is still running just fine as far as speed goes it doesn’t necessarily offer the protection that newer ones have due to new technology in its hardware and even software like Windows 8 or 10 offer (they make use of the new hardware). Microsoft also dominates this sector with having over 90% of the computers running their OS (Operating System) and a majority of them running Microsoft Office inside of the workplace, so I don’t consider them out of the picture and they’re actually probably far from it.

I expect over the next few years that this will make a huge difference in PC sales and although they might not rebound to the levels that they once held, you can bet that the PC is not going to become a dinosaur anytime soon. The amount of sales also depend on the users obviously as many are still running Windows XP and leave themselves at risk, I’d imagine as more and more people get stung by hackers that this will change as well and a rude awakening is probably just around the corner.

Computer PC Sales

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