Small Business Risk

Having a small business today requires wearing many hats but should wearing a tech hat be one of them?

Whether you use it for your customers or for yourself, chances are your small business has internet. The odds are pretty good that you yourself bought a router and were absolutely delighted at how easy it was to setup. Simply plug it in, connect the computer, set a password, enable WiFi and you’re done!

Now you’re able to connect all your devices to the internet and everything is great or at least you thought so while you patted yourself on the back. Meanwhile in the year that passed there was a 74% chance that you were breached. Sadly this statistic comes from small business owners that were actually aware of being breached, meaning that statistic is probably higher as not all breaches get detected.

Now if that number doesn’t grab your attention, then don’t worry I’m sure everything is just fine but don’t quote me on that, especially since it’s loaded with sarcasm! For the rest of you that actually care and are paying attention, give Matthew Zarrillo from Zartech a call and get some much needed help.

That’s the first and easiest step but on its own it’s still not enough. A secure network or computer is as only as good as its user, not knowing what you’re doing or what pit falls to avoid make you the weakest link. This is where we can help! If you’re not sure where you need help then feel free to contact us, that’s what we’re here for.

I’m pretty sure Apple users who are reading this are scoffing and laughing believing their system is invincible. Although Apple tries to control more of what goes on with their computers, this doesn’t make them invincible. Windows still carries a huge bullseye on their chest as roughly 9/10 computers have it running on their but with the amount iPhones and iPads Apple has sold means they are wearing a bigger target on their chest today compared to several years back.

After reading this and the articles attached to it, you need to ask yourself a question. Is spending a few dollars on an expert more expensive than a breach that could clear out your bank account, steal your identity or even worse land you in jail for something you didn’t do?

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