Tomorrows Windows

In my lifetime I’ve watched windows (not the Microsoft type) go from simple panes of glass that barely held out the cold to the thermal windows that we have today but this is nothing compared to what the future has in store.

Today although still in the early stages articles are starting to appear with windows that double up as solar panels, not only do they allow the light in but they also harness the power of the sun to create energy.

On its own this already sounds pretty interesting but if you combine the glass like that out of the minority report which are basically a computer, then it gets even more interesting.

Our windows of tomorrow might not just generate power but could be interactive pieces of equipment that can tell us the weather, our food inventory, along with anything else we currently use computers for today but they could also through augmented reality make those cloudy, rainy days always be sunny looking ones…

Solar Windows

Minority Report Type Gesturing

Samsung LED Window Glass Display

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