Transportation Tech

We’ve all heard/seen the self-driving cars but how many knew that the transportation industry was getting a makeover as well. Yup, that’s right transport trucks are on the list of self-driving vehicles and have been for some time.

The ultimate goal is to have all (different brands) of them communicating with each other. They would end up driving in one long convoy, really close to one another avoiding wind resistance and saving a chunk on the gas bill.

The big question on allot of minds is how many jobs will this affect, will truck drivers become a thing of the past. More than likely one day they will but until all the bugs are worked out you’ll probably see enough bored people sitting behind the wheel, probably playing a game on a tablet and sitting there just in case of an emergency. Very similar to the pilots in commercial airliners these days as the planes pretty much fly themselves.

To me another important question is how secure will this be? How long before we start getting reports of someone hacking the system? Before they take full control of vehicles with something as simple as a smart phone (check out the Facebook video below) and use it to drive the truck to some undisclosed location…

Autonomous Transportation

Drive a Range Rover by Smartphone

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