May 3, 2017


Hello and welcome to our tutorial section. Although tutoring is no longer a service I provide I thought some of the material I wrote out for the courses might be useful to people and thought I’d share them with you. I apologise if any of it appears off, moving the content from a Word document means losing some of the formatting I had applied there. There are a number of courses on our website that will get you familiar with a number of things like how computers work in the first place…

A number of my customers thought my computer basics course was really good and gave them a bit more of an understanding of how not only computers worked but electronics in general.

Computer Basics


Although there are a lot of devices out there today when it comes to computers Microsoft still dominants the landscape and until just recently the operating system of choice was Windows 7, Windows 10 has now slightly higher numbers and has surpassed Windows 7. Although Windows 10 does feature a number of changes a lot of what we talk about will still apply, the backend of Windows has been more or less the same since Windows 95.

Microsoft Windows 7 Level 1

Microsoft Windows 7 Level 2

Microsoft Windows 7 Level 3

Microsoft Windows 7 Level 4


Microsoft Office has a number of powerful tools at your disposal and a lot of these are a must if you work behind a computer in business somewhere. Although Office 2010 is still used quite a bit in the world there are more modern versions available, luckily there is not much change between these versions so most if not all of what we talk about here will still apply to newer versions.

Microsoft Word Level 1

Microsoft Word Level 2

Microsoft Word Level 3

Microsoft Word Level 4

Microsoft Word Level 5

Microsoft Excel Level 1

Microsoft Excel Level 2

Microsoft Excel Level 3

Microsoft Excel Level 4

Microsoft Excel Level 5

Microsoft Excel Level 6

Microsoft Excel Level 7

Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1

Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2

Microsoft OneNote


If you don’t own Microsoft Office there are other free types of software out there one of which is offered via the web by Google. It doesn’t have anywhere near the features that Microsoft Office offers but you can still get quite a bit done with it and as I said it’s absolutely free to use. Similar versions of Office on the web for free are available as well that are less powerful than their siblings.

Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Presentation

Google Forms

Google Drawing


Today most people are familiar with media players but if you’re having trouble wrapping your head around it then give this course a try it could help you out a bit. From tutoring, I often found that people had a hard time understanding where the music resides and that they are not in the media players but somewhere on the computer where media players can find them. If this sounds like you please make sure to check out the computer basics course it should help clear up what storage is and how it works…

Media Players


Want to get connected to the internet, secure your connection a bit or even understand how to surf the web then you should give one or both of these a read. Today the internet has become a totally different monster and people should be cautious with how they use it, especially if they don’t understand how it all works. As a Website Designer and computer person, it’s absolutely astonishing finding out about trick after trick that’s out there, along with viruses, malware and the list goes on. Just keep in mind how many big businesses are hacked each year and be thankful if it hasn’t happened to yet, keep in mind you might not even know you’ve been hacked, virus don’t always show that they are there…


Surfing The Web


The most popular Social Networking website out there by far is Facebook which just reached 2 billion users, it is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and to see all kinds of posts from groups you can follow like movies, actors, music, news, science and the list goes on.



I started off as a programmer before entering the world of Website Design so while others mastered tools that help design websites, they often aren’t familiar with being able to write actual code to make a website do something they’d like it to do without having a plug-in or something available. Often this means sacrificing personalization and having to go with how the plugin was designed. Although there is so much to learn about Website Design and a number of different languages and platforms that they can run on, there are two fundamental languages that will be used in all of them and understanding them can give you a bit of an edge when dealing with web development. So if this is something of interest give them a read but don’t forget if you need something above your skills we do provide Website Design services.